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Filter for the inlet pipe of a potable water treatment plant


Automatic filtration system in water treatment entry pipes "AK-ADEF"


filter water treatment plant

The “AK-ADEF” filter is capable of removing solids of different types and size, for instance, debris, pieces of wood, leaves, small sea organisms etc. The “AK-ADEF” filtering system is necessary in municipal water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants in order to prevent fouling of pipes and of pumps. 

Filters equipment

The system is equipped with inlet and outlet gaskets, a gap for removing the solid particles, Δp controllers and a membrane etc. The shape of the membrane is a truncated cone and it is equipped with a flange for the water inlet located on the concave part of the cone. A rotary engine is installed inside the filter and the latter has several canted, sealed up gaps for the removal and suction of solid particles. Due to the canted position of the gaps and the rotary movement of the filter, large particles are moved to the highest suction point. At the highest suction point an electromagnetic valve is installed and periodically opens in order to remove the settled solid particles. Δp controllers evaluate the degree of pollution of the filter and control the function of the system. 

Process description

The “AK-ADEF” filter is installed in the inlet pipe of the water treatment plant. When membranes’ gaps are occluded a signal from the Δp controller  is received in the PLC and then an electromagnetic valve is automatically opened to remove all the solid particles. At the same time the washing cycle begins for a set of time usually 1 minute.  The need of water during backwash is very low. When the backwash is completed the electromagnetic valve is closed.

filter water treatment plant filter water treatment plant